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How To Choose The Best Dirt Bike Tyres

Dirt bike tyres make a huge difference to the quality of your ride. They need to be able to handle the typical conditions you ride in. Let’s discover how to choose the correct tyre to suit your style of riding.

Identify Your Riding Style

The way you ride your bike is dictated by the typical conditions you ride in and how you handle it. Off-road terrain can vary massively. On tightly-packed dirt, you need harder tyres. Whereas looser ground calls for a softer tyre with a deep tread for better grip. Dirt bike tyres are expected to be replaced fairly often, as they tend to wear away quite quickly. If you ride quite aggressively and take your bike out more often, you may want to lean towards a slightly firmer rubber if you can.

Ensure Your Dirt Bike Tyres Fit

Before you go out and purchase new tyres, ensure you know which size you need. Either get the same size that’s already fitted to your bike, or consult the manufacturer’s recommendations if you want to find something different. There’s no point in buying new dirt bike tyres if they won’t fit, so ensure you know what will work on your bike.

Performance & Durability

You need to weigh up your performance and durability requirements. For instance, if you’re a competitive motocross racer, you probably want to look at performance tyres to ensure you’re getting the best traction and speed. However, if motocross is just a hobby, you can get away with using a more budget-friendly option. Although, with that being said we would still recommend choosing a reputable manufacturer. In all cases, the tyre needs to have the right weight and speed rating for your bike.

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Consider The Front & Back

You may want to choose a slightly different tyre for the front wheel and the back wheel. This can combine the performance benefits of two different tyres of dirt bike tyre, giving you improved traction and handling. If you often ride on varied terrains and don’t want to switch your tyres out too often, this could be a solution. Place the softer tyre on the front and the harder tyre at the back to reap the benefits of both.

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