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Dirt bikes are a significant investment, so it makes sense to take good care of them. Knowing how to clean a bike properly ensures that you don’t take any longer than necessary to get the job done, and don’t cause any damage in the process. We’ve put together a quick step-by-step guide to help you plan your next dirt bike cleaning.

Find An Appropriate Space

Motocross bikes get very dirty, so it makes sense to clean them in a space that can handle a bit of dirt. Choose an open area if possible, where there’s good drainage. You also need to make sure it’s flat so the bike can be propped up easily. Your garden or driveway should be perfect, as long as you’re able to clear enough space.

Remove Caked-On Dirt

Using a pressure washer or hose, soak the bike with water. This should allow some of the caked-on dirt to soften. Try to remove any large clumps with the water stream if you can. Once the worst of it is off, use a specialist bike cleaner all over the bike. After allowing it to soak for a while, you can use a cloth or sponge to work at the surface and get rid of the more stubborn dirt. Rinse and repeat until you’ve got as much mud off as possible, ensuring you clean your cloth and sponge as well in between.

Clean The Brake Discs & Chain

The brake discs need special attention, and often accumulate the most dirt. You need to use a proper brake cleaner to ensure they’re kept in good condition. Wiping them down with a cloth and a good cleaning product should get rid of most of the dirt. Once you’re happy, make sure you rinse it thoroughly with water until there’s no residual cleaning product.

cleaning motorbike wheels

Much like brake discs, the chain also needs special attention. Use a chain cleaner and move the chain around to ensure it’s evenly covered in cleaning fluid. Using the same cloth, work the product in until you’re happy. Rinse thoroughly to finish.

After cleaning the brake discs and chain, make sure you test both to ensure they haven’t lost effectiveness. This should be done after every clean and before each ride.

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