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Gold Fren Offroad Brake Pads Front and Rear£23.00
Artrax Discs Front and RearPair: £90 Single: £49
RFX Racing Sprockets Front and Rear£35.00
Bars – Rental Std£47.00
Bars – Protaper Fatbars£75.00
PlasticsFrom £79.00
Special Offer Tyres 21 Front and 18 Rear/19 RearFrom £85.00
RFX Heavy Duty Stands£39.00
MX5 (1L)£13.00
Off-Road 4 (4L)£39.00
Cross Power 2T (1L)£17.00
Bike It Adult Full Jacket Armour£99.00
Bike It Youth Full Jacket Armour£59.00
Mammoth Padlock + 1.8M Heavy Duty Chain£42.00
Proclean Filter Cleaning Kits£29.50

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