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The Best Motocross Clothing For Safety And Protection

Motocross clothing is essential for anyone who takes part in the sport. The activity may be for thrill seekers, but it is dangerous by nature so every precaution should be taken. Accidents are inevitable, but with the right gear, the chances of serious injury can be drastically reduced. Invest in quality kit to guarantee your safety and mobility.

Some of the essential things you should get include:

Helmet And Goggles

The helmet is going to be the most important part of your motocross clothing collection. Your head needs to be fully protected when on the bike, so it’s worth investing in this piece of kit. The helmet should fit your head perfectly to fully protect you, so trying on a few different brands and sizes is recommended. Goggles are also an essential addition to your headwear. With the terrain, mud and stones can easily fly up into the eye area from riders in front. Goggles help protect your eyes and improve your vision so you can perform better.

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Motocross Clothing: Body Armour

Chest protection is a must-have for riders. There are many different options to choose from for this one, from more lightweight vests to heavy-duty armour. They’re a good barrier against stones being flicked up into the body, but more importantly, it reduces the chances of serious injury in a crash. This piece of motocross clothing helps to give an extra layer of protection to the ribs, chest, and back.

Knee Guards

Having knee protection is a good idea. This accessory can help prevent hyperextension of the knee, which can be a painful injury and even cause further joint issues. If there were to be a crash, these will protect your knees and reduce harm. The technology provides robust protection but also allows for mobility, so it doesn’t limit movement.

Protective Boots

Boots are perhaps the most recognisable piece of motocross clothing. The shoes should fit perfectly to ensure optimal protection for your feet and shins. They should fit tightly, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. The boots keep riders safe from various obstacles that they might face on an MX track. They’re very stiff to ensure the bottom of your legs are protected if you were to fall off.

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